Auto Rickshaw Mumbai Airport


Auto rickshaw is a typical method of transportation in India and consists in a three wheeler vehicle.

This metered mode of public transport operates only in the suburbs- post Bandra in the western suburbs and till Sion in the central suburbs, even though in Mumbai Airport Terminal 1 auto rickshaws are allowed to enter.



Rickshaws are not allowed in Mumbai Airport Terminal 2, even though, they are allowed in Domestic Departures terminal 1B.

If you wish to ride one from Terminal 2, you’ll need to move to the nearest train station or in Juhu, which is located 15 minutes from the airport.

From Terminal 1 is quite easy, since there is a drop off point at 5 minutes’ walk from Departures.

Anyway, as mentioned, they can be found in the surrounding suburbs.



Even it is the cheapest mean to get to downtown, we recommend you to arrange the price with the driver and pay according the meter or the figures that you have said.

For further information regarding fares, please check the following website.