Mumbai Airport Taxi


It is without a doubt the best option to move from Mumbai Airport to the city centre.

You can transfer from Mumbai Airport to the city centre within 25 minutes up to two hours according to traffic conditions.

At Mumbai Airport you can find two kinds of taxi which are allowed to operate in the airport: The metered and the prepaid taxis. To get a general idea, the metered taxis are the ones coloured in black and yellow, while the prepaid taxis are the ones also known as Cool Cabs, which counts with a/c.

We strongly recommend you to ride the prepaid taxis as you will pay the fixed fare for your trip (these taxis count with a fare conversion chart).



According to some tourist’s reports, there exists several scams regarding taxi services from and to Mumbai Airport.

In order to avoid this kind of situations, please consider to ride a prepaid taxi since they are the official government taxis and have fixed fares. On the other hand, ask the driver for the fare prior your ride and check if the meter is turned on. We do not recommend to board unlicensed taxis since you are risking to be victim of a scam.

In case of being surcharged, please note down the license plate number and put an inquiry in the official tourism office. 



Taxis can be found at both Domestic and International terminals. Prepaid taxi counter is located right before Customs, exiting terminal premises, on the right side.



The following taxi companies serve Mumbai Airport:

  • Tab Cab: +91 22 6363 6363
  • Apollo Cabs: +91 97698 64446
  • Easy Cab: +91 22 65233677
  • Meera Cabs: +91 92265 47777
  • Meru Cabs: +91 22 4422 4422

Opening hours: 24 hours.



The estimated fare to transfer from Mumbai Airport to downtown is INR 435.15. This fare may be applied to the taxi companies showed below.

As for the prepaid taxis, the rate is around INR 500 – 600 and for the metered taxis is around INR 625 – 700.

Fares to other popular destinations from Mumbai Airport (the fares corresponds to the taxis companies showed below):

  • Dadar Railway Station: INR 286.60
  • Vile Parle Railway Station: INR 104.31
  • Andheri East Railway Station: INR 111.09
  • Mumbai Central Railway Station: INR 432.25
  • Gateway of India: INR 586.92
  • Juhu Beach: INR 115.15


Shared Rides

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip. Apps such as Uber and the local app Ola Cabs may be useful to do so.

See below the estimated fares from Mumbai Airport:

  • Downtown Mumbai: INR: 173.24
  • Dadar Railway Station: INR 342.47
  • Gateway of India: INR 605,90