Mumbai Airport Terminal 1


Mumbai Airport Terminal 1 stands for the Domestic Terminal.


It is alternatively known as Santacruz Airport given the location of the terminal facilities in Santacruz suburbs in Andheri and mainly because it used to be an independent airport


Terminal 1 is home GoAir, Trujet, Indigo, Air Deccan and SpiceJet carriers, while the other domestic services are hosted in Terminal 2.


Transfer between terminals

In order to transfer between terminals, it comes necessary to use any of the available means of transport, since they are separated 5 kilometers from each other. Fixed rate inter-terminal services such as shuttle buses and taxis, connect both Mumbai Airport terminals.

Please note that prices may vary according from which terminal you are changing to (from T1 to T2 is slightly expensive than T2 to T1). See below the price chart:

  • From T1 to T2: Sedan (Rs 245.00), SUV (Rs 750.00)
  • From T2 to T1: Sedan (Rs 230.00), SUV (Rs 750.00).


Ticketing can be found at T1 Arrivals and at T2 on 2F, beside prepaid taxi booth.

For further information, please contact Inter-Terminal counters: T1 (+91 87 67350021), T2 (+91 22 65882672).



Mumbai Airport Terminal 1 is composed by three adjacent buildings as follows:

  • Terminal 1A: It is closed since 2016.
  • Terminal 1B: Air Deccan, GoAir, SpiceJet, Trujet and Indigo airlines host both Arrivals and Departures from this concourse.
  • Terminal 1C: This concourse is just used as a transferring area between 1A and 1B prior their departure. It is home of a food court.


Transfer between concourses

Terminal 1C is the way to transfer between 1A and 1B prior departure.




The following services are available at Mumbai Airport Terminal 1:

  • Baby care rooms (T1A and T1B).
  • Information counters (T1: Departures, 2F, Arrivals, ground level, Arrival Plaza). For more information, please call to the 24x7 Helpline Service: +91 22 66851010.
  • Left baggage (T1A: Arrivals, T1B: Arrivals). For more information, please call: +91 77 00999332
  • Medical services: For further information, please call: +91 98 33301317.
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Lost & found (Left Luggage Kiosk, Arrivals Hall exit). For further information, please call: +91 09 833301580 / +91 99 30144272
  • Special assistance
  • ATMs
  • Baggage trolleys

For further information, please check out Facilities and Services at Mumbai Airport.


Airport lounges  

Terminal 1 in Mumbai Airport has the following airport lounges:

  • Loyalty Lounge: Location: Terminal 1B, in the Mezzanine Level.
  • Carnations Lounge: Location: Terminal 1C, first level, opposite Gate A2. Opening hours: 24 hours.