Mumbai Airport Terminal 2



Even Terminal 2 hosts all the international flights from and to Mumbai Airport, it is also home of some domestic flights operated by Air India, Air India Express, Air India Regional, Jet Airways and Vistara.




Still nowadays some locals commonly known Mumbai Terminal 2 as Sahar Airport due to its location in Sahar suburbs within Andheri and mainly because it used to be an independent airport.



Other Facts

Terminal 2 is formed by 439,000 square meter integrated facilities, which is able to handle over 40 million passengers yearly (also handles more than 780 aircraft movements per day).



Present & future

It is expected that Terminal 2 will be the only operating terminal in Mumbai Airport after the integration of Terminal 1 into Terminal 2.



Transfer between terminals

In order to transfer between terminals, it comes necessary to use any of the available means of transport, since they are separated 5 kilometers from each other. Fixed rate inter-terminal services such as shuttle buses and taxis, connect both Mumbai Airport terminals.

Please note that prices may vary according from which terminal you are changing to (from T1 to T2 is slightly expensive than T2 to T1). See below the price chart:


  • From T1 to T2: Sedan (Rs 245.00), SUV (Rs 750.00)
  • From T2 to T1: Sedan (Rs 230.00), SUV (Rs 750.00).


Ticketing can be found at T1 Arrivals and at T2 on 2F, beside prepaid taxi booth.

For further information, please contact Inter-Terminal counters: T1 (+91 87 67350021), T2 (+91 22 65882672).



Mumbai Airport Terminal 2 consist of four levels as attached below:

  • First level: Transportation level. It is home of the ground transportation lobby, service and the baggage handling system.
  • Second level: Arrivals Hall. It is home of the customs and immigration, including 72 counters, 10 baggage carousels, 72 immigration counters and Arrivals forecourt.
  • Third level: Domestic Departures Hall. Access by this level is done also from the fourth level. It hosts the domestic Retail Hub, the domestic security check, retail concessions and boarding domestic gates F and B.
  • Fourth level: International Departures Hall. The check-in for both international and domestic flights is done in this level. It is home of international departure gates and further services such as security check, immigration and concessions.



See attached the available services in Mumbai Airport Terminal 2:

  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Special needs services
  • Currency exchange (Centrum, Arrivals and Departures)
  • ATMs
  • Banking facilities
  • Postal services
  • Baggage wrapping (Departures check-in counters C, F, J, M
  • Baby care rooms (level 4 check-in area, level 2 Southwest Pier)
  • Information counters (level 4, Departures, level 2, domestic transfer security check, Arrivals Plaza). For more information, please call to the 24x7 Helpline Service: +91 22 66851010.
  • Left baggage
  • Medical services (Departures and Arrivals)
  • Postal services (Arrivals exit)
  • Prayer rooms (Before immigration at gate 8 and post-immigration at gates 64 and 65)
  • Business Centre (Arrivals hall)
  • Smoking rooms (Between Departures Gates 1 and 2, Arrivals Hall, Between Gates A6 and A7 and opposite Gate A3)
  • Telecommunication Services (Departures check-in, SHA-2 and Arrivals)
  • Lost luggage (International Arrivals, ground transportation lobby, first level)
  • Airlines ticketing counters
  • Baggage trolleys (Arrivals and Departures)
  • Kid’s play zone (Level 3)

For further information, please check out Facilities and Services at Mumbai Airport.


Airport lounges

Mumbai Terminal 2 is composed by the following airport lounges:

  • Aviserv Lounge: Location: Landside level 2 (Arrivals), close to Gate A. Includes sleeping pods, showers, dress steam press, food and drink concessions, cloak room, travel accessories, etc. For further information, please contact: +91 77770 42851.
  • Travel Club: Location: Airside level 3, opposite Gate 44. Opening hours: 24 hours.
  • Pranaam Lounge: Location: Airside level 4. Opening hours: 24 hours.
  • Loyalty Lounge: Location: Airside, Mezzanine level, opposite Gate 14. Opening hours: 24 hours.



Mumbai Airport Terminal 2 hosts an Indian air museum displayed on a long wall. It is the largest public art presentation in India.

On the other hand, the terminal roof is worth to see, since it has been inspired by dancing white peacocks.



At Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 there is a transit hotel open for all airport passengers, the Niranta Hotel. It is not only a transit hotel, it is also a lounge up to everyone who wishes to get relaxed and release stress.

For further information, please contact: +91 22 67296729 / +91 7718 884351